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About us.


Enter the relaxing world of Estinfil Guest House Delmas 31. Estinfil Guest  House is a unique, colonial revival home located just minutes from downtown and the Toussaint Louverture International Airport We offer many of the amenities of luxury hotels at affordable rates. Enjoy great rates on gourmet breakfast, private entrances, , HDTV and free wifi high-speed Internet access– all complimentary with your Estinfil Guest House Lodging.

The Estinfil Guesthouse History.


Estinfil's House was built in the 1980s by architect Francois Joseph.. The house was meant to be a summer home for the Estinfil's and their two children. The Estinfils were financially comfortable and built an extravagant home with rooms for each family member.  The summer retreat was the perfect escape from the scorching city summers with a Beaches and forest just an hour away.  


After some shady dealings and rough times during the Duvalier and Aristide regime, the Estinfil's left Haiti and the summer home was left empty. It was left untouched for decades until it was bought by its current caretakers Jude Estinfil and his wife .a couple also with the last name Estinfil ( related to the original owners). The new Estinfil' felt compelled to buy and revamp the house, turning in to a bed and breakfast, following the burst of the real estate market  in which they were laid off and searching for a less stressful and cubicle-free life.

Following the earth quake of January 12, 2010 that devastaded Haiti.

​Jude Estinfil and his wife, following the devastation, felt more and more their presence were needed , They wanted to contribute to the rebuild process of their country.Mr valembrun  jude"s father creates an Orphanage ( COBBA) Centre orphelinat du bon berger de l'Archaie) His vision was to help the children in needed of this part of Haiti.As you know already that Haiti is among the most poorest country of the Atmosphere,Many children are left stranded with no food , no clean water, no medical attention. Our goal was to help these in needed.and Today we have a total of 20 children in our orphanage, a part of our revenue go to these needed children. To accomodate those that come either for Vacation, for working, for small or large group thant want to help Haiti in this long rebuilding process The Estinfil guesthouse was born. And today we are hosting hundreds and hundreds Guests from all around the world.They all come for one purpose Help. helping rebuilt the country.Thanks for visiting us and we hope to see you soon at the Estinfil Guesthouses.


Just remember that each time you stay with us, you are supporting not just the guesthouse but also the good shepard orphanage. A percentage of our revenue goes to them. Thanks for supporting us.

Estinfil Guesthouses 


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